About CMA


The CMA Board of Directors

President - Jan Lapetino,  RM, CPM 
Vice-President - Karen Robinson, CPM, RM
Secretary - Caroline McCauley, student midwife
Treasurer - Maren Wood, CPM, RM
Newsletter - Nedra Wilson, CPM, RM
Membership - Kathryn Raynes, CPM, RM
Conferences - Kristen Tamblyn, student midwife 

The Colorado Midwives Association (CMA) is a not-for-profit organization which was formed in 1979. The midwives who were serving the homebirth population contacted each other and decided to

  • communicate with each other
  • further their own education
  • educate the public regarding the alternative of homebirth with a midwife
  • change and maintain our legal status

The CMA was instrumental in the passage of the Colorado legislation after more than 10 years of effort.

Want to Help?

If you are interested in contributing to the continued legalization of midwifery in Colorado or supporting the ongoing efforts of midwives, please consider becoming a member in our organization or making a charitable donation.

The cost of maintaining the legal status is quite large in time and money. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. All donations can be sent to:

CMA at: P.O. Box 1067, Boulder, Colorado 80306

The Law Concerning Midwifery

In 1993 after many years of legislative efforts a bill was passed in the Colorado Legislature allowing the practice of direct-entry midwifery legal in our state.

In order to practice legally an individual must apply to the state, demonstrate the appropriate academic qualifications and clinical experience, pass an exam and pay the registration fee. After registration midwives are then required to file annual statistics with the state, file birth certificates for each birth they attend and pay an annual re-registration fee.

For more information regarding the law in Colorado for Registered Midwives go to: Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for Midwives

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