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Amy Colo, RM, CPM

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Amy Colo, RM, CPM


I am a Certified Professional Midwife, registered to practice Colorado. Midwifery has been the focus of my professional life for 25 years, and I have attended over 500 births in Colorado. My office is located in the YoMama Yoga and Family Center in Boulder.  I travel throughout Boulder County and the northern Denver metro area for births. My midwifery care emphasizes empowerment through trust in the body’s essential wisdom. I am a certified massage therapist, and I bring several forms of bodywork together to my work as a midwife. I use Mayan Abdominal Therapy to assist clients with all kinds of reproductive issues and to optimize uterine position and circulation, thereby making pregnancy and delivery more comfortable. Thirty minutes of massage is included in each of my prenatal visits.

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