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Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM

Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM
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Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM

Serving Boulder, Mountain communities, Lyons, Longmont and all of Northern Colorado.

I consider pregnancy and birth to be a natural and healthy occasion in a woman’s life, while honoring it as a powerful and transformative process as well. I am the proud homebirth mother of two amazing kids (ages 12 and 15), honored to be wife to my husband for the past 17 years, and grateful to be a midwife serving women and families. Since beginning training in 2002 and becoming a Colorado Registered Midwife and a nationally Certified Professional Midwife in 2007, I have observed each woman and her pregnancy from a space of trust, righting most discomforts or imbalances with holistic options while assessing and taking action if a situation requires medical attention. This holds the space in which a woman, her partner, and family, can give birth in full awareness. Please feel free to contact me so that we can explore the possibility of working together for your pregnancy and birth.

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