March 6, 2010 Update


State Midwives Meeting at the Whole Foods Market at I-25 and Washington St. in Denver. We invited all Registered Midwives and their apprentices to come share their ideas about how they would like the Bill to look next year. 30 people (including Leo Boyle, our lobbyist) attended. Following a brief introduction to the Sunset process by Vivienne Belmont, Policy Analyst with the Department of Regulatory Agencies Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform, we had a lively 2-hour discussion during which we defined what changes we'd like to see included in the Sunset Report that Ms. Belmont will write. We finished the meeting with a clear idea of what we think a good law would look like, and what our bottom line might be regarding items we would not want included.

Tuesday (March 9) will be the first meeting between the CMA and Vivienne Belmont to discuss how midwives regulation in Colorado is going.

We hope to host another meeting for all Colorado Registered Midwives in about 6 weeks or so, to update everyone on our progress and get new input/reactions to where we are at that point.

For now, I need two things from everyone:

  • Membership in the CMA. If you're not a member, please join! If you've let your membership lapse, please rejoin! We need all the members we can get as we head into the elections this year and committees next year!
  • Supporter Lists. I need names and contact information of people from all over the state who would be willing to help us as we work on the Colorado Legislative campaigns this year. Please email me what you've got in either Excel (preferred), or Word, or even just in an email message. If you can't manage that, I'll take written lists and then incorporate them into my spreadsheet!

Thanks everyone!

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