June 21, 2010 Update

Time to post a brief update about what has been happening in the past few months.  You'll see it hasn't been much, as we are still just getting started on this whole process.  But it's been consistent and is evenly ticking along, in just the way we hoped.

  • March 9th - Jan Lapetino, Leo Boyle and I met with Vivienne Belmont in the DORA offices.  We provided her with the list of hoped-for changes that was developed at the March 6th meeting and had a nice initial discussion about the upcoming Sunset.
  • April 28th - Jan and I met with Vivienne again to answer Vivienne's questions about what prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care looks like in a planned homebirth with Registered Midwives.  Vivienne had some well-informed questions about what we do and we enjoyed discussing our profession with her.
  • May 21 & 22 - CMA Spring Conference featuring Ina May Gaskin.  85 people attended the professionals conference each day, and over 300 people attended the special Parent's Night.  This conference went a long way toward raising funds for lobbying, and also gave us a great start on our supporter lists.
  • May 28th - Jan, Jennifer Braun and I met with Leo Boyle in Denver to discuss initial strategy relating to elections this fall.  Leo's suggestion is that we help with campaigns and let the candidates know that we support them--so that they will support us next year.  For now, the CMA needs to collect contact information for people who would be willing either to work on campaigns this fall, or to be in contact with legislators next spring as we work through the Sunset process.
  • June 4th - Initial meeting of the CMA Legislative Committee to review current status of our legislative effort and assign tasks to committee members.  Initial tasks include contacting all practicing midwives in the state to request supporter lists.

The CMA Legislative Committee includes:

Karen Robinson, CMA President
Jan Lapetino, CMA Secretary
Laura Lucket, Colorado Springs
Jennifer Dossett, Boulder
Kathryn Raynes, Lakewood
Jennifer Barr, Carbondale

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