August 17, 2010 Update

The CMA has formed a PAC!

A PAC is a Political Action Committee, the purpose of which is to elect political candidates and advance a political issue.

So...not hard to guess that we're now in the business of making donations to political candidates who are running for election this fall. We formed this PAC at the suggestion of our lobbyist, who feels it is an important way to get our name known in the political world of candidates and races this fall--with results expected during the legislative session next year.

Two members of our Legislative Committee, Kathryn Raynes and Jan Lapetino, took the initiative and did the work to get our PAC on the books! Now, we've got a solid way to be able to make some valuable connections during this election cycle, and we look forward to the payoff next year.

The key issue as we head into legislative campaign season is that we need seed money to go into the PAC account. Colorado state law limits PAC donations to $200-$400 per candidate, depending on the type of race, and we need to raise several thousand dollars to spread across several important candidate races.

The Internet is an amazing place. I know that I can place this message here on the CMA Website and if every person who read this message sent in even just $10, we would be well on our way towards filling up our PAC fund. Please, if you're reading this, consider sending us a check. Any amount will be gratefully received.

To help wrap our minds around the financial power people giving birth at home in Colorado have, here is a little tidbit: there are around 600 home births in Colorado every year. If every midwife or parent donated $25 for their beautiful home birth this year, we would have $15,000 in our PAC! We definitely have power in our numbers!

And every penny would be used to tell legislators how important our bill is, how important it is to keep home birth legal in Colorado. None of it goes to our lobbyist, none of it goes to the CMA--it is all specifically to be used for the purpose of furthering our political goal. If you are able to send even a small amount, it will be so, so helpful. And if you have friends or family who are willing to donate to the CMA's PAC, please send them our way!

We can take checks or cash, sent our Post Office Box in Boulder. Make checks out to CMAPAC.

PO Box 1067
Boulder, CO 80306

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